Furniture Pads For Hardwood Floors – FELT PAD 1IN 48 PCS VALUE PACK – The Cocktail Floor Lamp

Furniture Pads For Hardwood Floors


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furniture pads for hardwood floors – FELT PAD

48 pieces – 1 inch Diameter.Receive all original felt pads for great value.Protect your surfaces from scratches and blemishes.Self-adhesive and easy to use, simply peel and stick.Used for furniture, pictures, small kitchen appliances, table-tops and computer equipment.Our heavy duty felt pads shield all wooden, laminated, ceramic, vinyl and hardwood floors.

88% (>5)

The Cocktail Floor Lamp

The Cocktail Floor Lamp
Martini glass meets table. 60’s retro infused with modern Craftsman. Groovy…
Perfect mood lighting between two lounge chairs with a landing pad for the glasses.
Bent laminated Padauk, solid Amarillo hardwood and Shoji Waterfall laminated paper. Hand rubbed oil finish. 74” tall, 25” wide at the top, 21” diameter table.

The Cocktail Floor Lamp (Table)

The Cocktail Floor Lamp (Table)
table, a ledge, a catwalk… a landing pad for cocktails between sips. Just a bit shorter than a dining table it’s the perfect height next to a sofa or between two lounge chairs.
Bent laminated Padauk and solid Amarillo hardwood.
Hand rubbed oil finish.
27 ?” tall, 21” diameter.

furniture pads for hardwood floors

24 pieces – 1 ? inch Diameter.Protect your surfaces with our non-abrasive Felt Pads.Self-adhesive and easy to use.Mount heavy-duty felt protection pads on the bottom of any object and shield the floor, countertop and furniture surfaces from scratches and blemishes.Place behind picture frames to keep leveraged.Position on doorknobs to prevent the scratching of walls, reduce noise and eliminate vibration.100% polyester felt pads protect all hardwood floors, furniture, walls and equipment from scratches and nicks.